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To get started just click on  "Free visual sequences"or "free visual packs" found on the bar at the top of the web site.

The sequences are drawings of specific actions such as teeth brushing, getting dressed etc. The packs are for a given setting and contain a number of sequences and single pictures for that setting including home, school, pre-school and adolescents.

Look through and select a skill you want to help your child/client/student learn.

Click on the "read more" button for the skill you have selected.

Click on the girl, boy or general PDF download.

Print the PDF.

If you are feeling confident with this step then click on "Help" listed on the menu at the top of the page to learn "How to make visuals" and "How to use Visuals". Each pack and the toileting sequence has an extra hyper-link to additional information on how to use those specific set of visuals. This hyper-link is found on the same page where you click to download the visuals for the pack.

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The downloadable Visual Aid Images in PDF format (the Product) on this site are supplied free of charge. You may print, use and distribute as many hard copies of the Product as you wish. You may also store, copy and distribute as many electronic copies of the Product as you wish. We encourage you to email the Product as often as you like to as many people as you think may benefit from them.

However, you may not sell the Product or any of its contents. All the images are protected under international copyright and remain the property of Visual Aids for Learning.