This sequence can be used to encourage independence in bathing. They contains visuals that can can be arranged in varying order to encourage the individual to wash all body parts - or specific ones can be used to help prompt memory if only particular body parts are missed when washing.

This is actually the first sequence I drew. This is when I realised how incredible visuals were to aid learning.

My son Tom who was nearly three was having trouble with bath time - to be honest it was a nightmare and a time of the day I dreaded. I drew pictures of the smaller steps necessary in having a bath. I started with the pictures of "get undressed" and "get into bath". I showed him the pictures first and talked to him about what the boy was doing and that Tom could do it too. I was surprised that Tom started pulling down his own shorts and when I pointed to the second picture and said "into bath" Tom tried to climb in. I gradually started using the "get washer" and "wash face", "wash arms" and "wash body". I did it with Tom and then Tom started doing it by himself. I then put four pictures on a board and as I pointed to them Tom would do it and even started going ahead and doing the next picture before I pointed to it. I was so surprised at how it worked. What had been a stressful activity for both of us became much calmer and enjoyable and so I continued to draw and visual aids for learning came about.



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