Home Pack

The Home Pack of visual sequences can help children in home activities including morning routine, night routine, eating meals and food selection as well as bathing, teeth brushing, hand washing and toileting.It also contains visuals for behaviour,emotions, basic instructions and indicating basic needs.

This Home Pack is designed to help you - not to overwhelm you with another thing you should be doing with your child. With this in mind we have tried to make it as easy and simple to use as possible.Please take it slowly and introduce it in a fun way that you and your child can enjoy

Many of the daily routines we perform are a lot more complicated than we realise. We do them without thinking. However, when the time is taken to really look at the routine, it usually has a quite a number of complex smaller steps.

The general idea with sequenced pictures is very basic... to start with a few pictures of a particular routine and gradually build up the number of pictures and the sequence length as the child each smaller step. The eventual aim is to have a standard sequence of pictures (usually around 6 at the most depending on the child) for the child to refer to which allows them to achieve a particular routine with as much independence as possible.

Depending on how familiar you are with using visuals it may take a few "attempts" to find the way that best works for you and your child. whatever way you decide upon use large amounts of praise for even the smallest achievement by your child as it will give them a positive experience, raise their self esteem and place within them a desire to try and the opportunity to achieve.


Download PDF Files

Teeth Cleaning
Morning Routine (Boy)
Morning Routine (Girl)
Night Routine (Boy)
Night Routine (Girl)
Toilet Training (Boy)
Toilet Training (Girl)
Bath Routine (Boy)
Bath Routine (Girl)
Meal Time
Wash Hands

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