Early Childhood Pack

The Early Childhood Pack was created to aid all children,and in particular special needs children, in seeing and understanding the daily routine so as to be able to better stay on task and focused on exploring, learning and growing. It also aims to aid children in choosing activities and becoming independent in play, knowing and understanding what behaviour is expected of them, and to allow greater communication where speech is often delayed. We have endeavoured to make this pack as simple and user friendly as possible hoping that it will clearly show you the benefits and inspire you to delve deeper into using visual aids with your children.

This pack contains visuals relating to daily routine, class and individual behaviour expectations, In school occurrences and communication needs. The visuals are in both larger format for whole class viewing and smaller for individual desks. They can also be placed on lanyards for easy access.


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Outside Activities
Inside Activities
Craft Activities
Social Behaviour (Boy)
Social Behaviour (Girl)
Daily Routine
Lanyard (Boy)
Lanyard (Girl)

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